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Tackling Complex Security Challenges

Through performance consulting, instructional design principles, and the innovative use of technology we build impactful learning experiences to drive learner performance.


  • ISO 9001:2008 proven instructional system design process
  • MEP and HSEEP certified trainers and planners







Training and Curriculum Development Capabilities

Discrete workshops, large classroom gatherings, instructor led, computer based, or a combination of all of these –TTI is adept at meeting our clients’ unique training needs. 


20 years experience in high profile training settings


100s of mission critical instructional modules


150,000 people trained (and counting)

Advanced Strategic Planning

Provides professionals the necessary tools and methodologies to effectively navigate and solve multifaceted and interconnected challenges. We seek to foster a new generation of strategists and planners capable of thinking critically and creatively about issues, and crafting innovation solutions in a world where traditional approaches are no longer sufficient.

Security Awareness and First Responders

With combined decades of experience, our experts don’t just design training and curriculum, they have lived it. We know firsthand the importance of delivering on-demand instruction to meet emerging threats. As a result, we recognize the value of meeting our clients’ aggressive timelines and diverse delivery requirements.

Our instructional systems design is grounded in the well-known ADDIE approach to provide a systematic process for the full lifecycle of training, from determination of needs to evaluation of the effectiveness of the program. Our full-service training and curriculum development team creates all your support materials in house – with hundreds of ready-made products in stock and the ability to create new, tailor-made materials on demand.

Your Partner in Mission Success

TTI Training and Curriculum Development Successes 

Agile Response to Emerging Threat

When a homeland security agency had to rapidly shift to defend vulnerable groups under threat from politically motivated actors, they turned to TTI to quickly stand up new courses to provide law enforcement officers the tactically and culturally appropriate expertise to respond. Due to TTI’s deep experience with and engagements in the field, we designed, developed, and delivered the time-sensitive training before most companies would have even been able to frame the requirements. As a result, law enforcement was able to meet the emerging threat when it mattered most.

Cross-Cutting Innovation

After identifying gaps and overlaps in how an agency trained its law enforcement officers to conduct executive sweeps, TTI created a course that brought in two other federal agencies to streamline operations and resources. TTI further improved the effectiveness of this training program by transitioning away from outdated, hard copy manuals and introducing interactive web-based instruction. Within the first month of rolling it out, the agency had over 500 participants who far exceeded evaluation targets compared to the legacy program.

Reframing the Mission

TTI adapted its SDA training to facilitate a National Laboratory’s review of its mission in a rapidly evolving security environment influenced by emerging technology and transregional issues. Through a series of half day workshops, TTI used experiential activities to guide participants through a reframing of their operational environment and their role in that environment. The resulting assessment and analysis are being used by senior leadership to inform their approach to the lab’s future mission.

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