Tier Tech International, Inc. takes the security of our website and user data seriously. We are committed to identifying and resolving vulnerabilities promptly. This Vulnerability Disclosure Policy outlines how security researchers can report potential vulnerabilities in our website.

The scope of this Security Policy applies to the following web assets and or services:


Reporting a Vulnerability

We encourage security researchers to report any potential vulnerabilities they discover in our website. Please submit vulnerability reports through the following channel(s):

● Email: security [ a-t ]

Please include the following information in your vulnerability report:

● A detailed description of the vulnerability

● Steps to reproduce the vulnerability (if possible)

● Potential impact of the vulnerability

● Proof of concept (optional, but highly encouraged)

What We Will Do

● We will acknowledge receipt of your report within 3 business days.

● We will investigate the reported vulnerability and attempt to reproduce it.

● We will work diligently to fix the vulnerability as soon as possible.

What We Won’t Do

● We will not offer bounties for vulnerability reports.

● We will not engage in legal action against security researchers who submit reports in good faith.

Responsible Disclosure

We appreciate your cooperation in following responsible disclosure practices. This includes:

● Avoiding any activities that could disrupt our website or user data.

● Keeping the vulnerability confidential until it has been fixed.

● Reporting the vulnerability directly to us, not to the public.

● Do not perform security testing, such as live vulnerability scans, penetration testing, etc. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Vulnerability Disclosure Policy, please contact us at security [ a-t ]


This Security Policy may be changed at any time without notice.

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