How it started


We are a product of our experiences, and ours have been exciting and extraordinary. Walt, our Founder and CEO is a US Navy Veteran and Special Operations Bomb Technician. Walt opened the TTI business doors twenty years ago and hired a small, hardworking crew with similar and complimentary experiences.  

Back then, we served a tight community of public safety and law enforcement bomb technicians who also focused on the tactical implications of bombing threats, but there were challenges to face from broader perspectives. Our clients, who continue to retain our services to this very day, concerned themselves with such things as interoperability between first responders, compatible communications and equipment, standard operating procedures (that were anything but standard), community resilience and preparedness; the complications, risks, and cascading effects with respect to bombing implications for critical infrastructure – all representing a host of new challenges for TTI – and opportunities. 

It turns out that thinking like a special ops bomb tech, is at least as important as bomb tech tactics. We learned that our style of critical thinking is in high demand in any challenge that shares these characteristics: 

The stakes are high. You must act.
Time is a precious commodity.
Critical thinking is…well, critical.

This mindset is our special sauce. It’s not unique to Special Operations Bomb Techs, but it has become the DNA or our company, forming a culture unique to us. We began to grow our team with experts across many disciplines – who fit our unique culture. We have a passionate crew with expertise across all facets of government, all military services, all types of first responders, and a business systems team to keep the train on the tracks. We work closely with our clients, who we prefer to call teammates, by immersing ourselves in their challenges and making their emergency, our emergency.

Twenty years down the road, we are a machine, custom built to
tackle the nation’s most compelling challenges.

We’re proud to have made a big difference in a wide range of complex and wicked challenges: We paved the way for Homeland Security efforts in bombing prevention, preparedness, resilience and assessment in over 100 cities across the country.  We have brought non-doctrinal thinking to national defense where we delivered robust, actionable solutions to the Combatant Commands. Using our approaches we have provided interagency constructs to allow our warfighters to prevail in their war planning, even in the face of Weapons of Mass Destruction and other threats. We have helped a US Embassy tackle regional approaches to technical and geopolitical dilemmas involving advanced manufacturing. We have delivered the Pentagon robust approaches to compete with China and forestall invasion of Taiwan. We have enabled other organization to prevail in several other daunting challenges with similar scope and impact.  


Back to bomb tech thinking – not because it’s unique, but because it embraces three important pillars that lead to decisive action: Risk, Opportunity, Decision making. Around these pillars, we have more than a dozen Strategic Design Approach (SDA) methodologies. SDA enables robust strategic planning underpinned by deep tactical analysis of opportunity. We have an array of risk management approaches to characterize, quantify and counter risk. We’ve developed hybridized methods that powerfully blend solutions to risk while exploiting opportunity. To bridge these rich insights to action, we have decision support frameworks because decisive action, requires timely, focused and informed decision making. 

We are passionate about making an impact. We live this. We do this. And because there is no shortage of complex and wicked challenges, we have a professional staff to design curricula and teach these approaches. In keeping with our legacy, we have developed and teach dozens of tactical courses about bombing prevention, resilience, and preparedness. After all, our Founder and CEO, is a bomb tech.

We promise an unwavering commitment to the mission. We improve every aspect of your business: from strategy development and implementation, TTP development, product design, briefing to high level leadership, planning and facilitation of intricate conferences, and much more.

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