Exercise Design and Facilitation

Exercise Design and Facilitation

Delivering Next Generation Exercises to Enhance Long-Term Planning

TTI blends HSEEP credentials with expansive subject matter expertise and decades of experience as practitioners and planners.

Our agile and expert-informed exercise programs have been successfully applied from the level of local communities to federal inter-agency events, and from law enforcement to render-safe missions.

TTI has planned and executed close to 200 public-private engagements, including facilitated discussions, workshops, and exercises.

Good facilitation requires good design

What Sets Our Exercises Apart


TTI’s extensive library of scenarios is drawn from contemporary events and can be overlaid local infrastructure to provide stakeholders a realistic and relevant experience focused on emerging and priority threats. 


Our experienced facilitators have backgrounds as instructors and designers, which means they can adapt on the spot to provide stakeholders exactly what they need when they need it.


Our Strategic Design Approaches (SDA) can serve as a vital link between day-to-day operations and exercise design, implementation, and evaluation 

Your Partner in Mission Success

TTI Exercise Design and Facilitation Successes

Bomb Squad/SWAT Integration

 TTI designed exercises to facilitate a shift in law enforcement’s approach to an emerging threat. 

Mass Casualty Scenario
TTI worked with medical professionals to redirect their response efforts to be more conducive to supporting the rigid requirements of legal investigations into mass casualty events.

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