Bridging Insight to Action

Tier Tech offers government agencies and critical institutions data-driven, action-oriented, and strategically grounded services for prevailing in high-stakes environments.

Our series of Strategic Design Approaches (SDA) help our clients tackle “wicked” challenges highly influenced by the interconnectedness of broad social networks, cultural variables, emerging technologies, and shifting geo-political climates. 

SDA is not just a suite of tools; it is a mindset that is woven through all of our services. As a result, our services can be recombined and repurposed to fit any challenge, anywhere, or we’ll build a new tool.

We adapt to new challenges and rapidly build tools, methods, teams, and services to achieve mission success.  

Strategic Planning and Analysis

Detailed, actionable strategies. Highly adaptable, organically developed methodologies designed to negate risk while exploiting opportunity. Approaches engineered specifically for your challenge and executed by our stellar team of SDA experts 

Opportunity Analysis

Frames complex challenges to design and execute analytic approaches. Develops hundreds of crowd-sourced expert stakeholder concepts to prevail against a targeted challenge.

Option Decision Aid

Agile, rigorous support to decision-making involving complex, competing factors. 

Risk/Merit Assessment
of Technologies

Evaluate risk versus merit to better inform investments in critical technologies.

Risk Management

We measurably balance risk and opportunity to drive deliberation and action regarding uncertainties and untapped opportunities that optimize an organization’s strategy and day-to-day performance.


Align what organizations SAY THEY DO,
with what they SHOULD DO,
with what they ACTUALLY DO.


Characterize, score, and prioritize finite elements of risk to develop mitigation strategies that buydown risk to mission.


Develop, implement, and maintain comprehensive and practicable programs to ensure critical functions can continue during or resume soon after a disruption.

Training and Curriculum Development

We enhance organizational effectiveness with industry-leading and accredited training and customized curriculum development to target client-specific strategic objectives.

Security Awareness and First Responder

Instructional design informed by experienced practitioners and befit for high stakes missions.

Advanced Strategic Planning

Modular courses that dive deep into operational design and provide clients with a guided, hands-on experience that develops theoretical frameworks and practical applications of TTI’s Strategic Design Approaches (SDA).

Exercise Design and Facilitation

We combine experience, expertise, threat characterization and rigorous methodologies to design and deliver realistic and impactful exercises. Precision exercise design and execution leads to highly relevant capability development, actionable metrics, and balanced resource prioritization.

Multi-Stakeholder Collaborative Designs

 TTI’s SDA also informs our work on exercises, especially when it comes to the importance of incorporating actors with direct and indirect vested interests.

This expanded concept of critical enablers generates improved data about risks and opportunities, which can then be fed back into an organization’s strategic planning. 

Scalable Options for Unique Requirements

From tailor-made workshops to national level exercises involving virtually every U.S. government agency and foreign partners, TTI’s exercise design and facilitation services can be tailored precisely to the prioritized needs of our clients. 

Biased toward action, and born of complex environments, we use organic methodologies invented, task-engineered, and executed by superb TTI teammates to path-find for our clients. We allow them to seize opportunities, avoid risk, and prioritize the gaps that hinder excellence.

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