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We know through hard-earned experience that our team can find solutions to – and create opportunities for even the most daunting of problems where most fail or do not even know where to start. 

TTI’s Strategic Design Approach (SDA) methodologies combine empirical data with qualitative analysis to find and shape opportunities for success as well as design, implement and assess action-oriented strategies.

Strategic Design Approaches (SDA) for Planning and Analysis


Our flagship SDA methodology, OA is a rigorous, highly effective tool for cross-sector analysis efforts. It produces focused, opportunity-rich, risk-tailored options for multiple stakeholders to draft and prioritize policies and strategies to realize desired outcomes. 



Evaluate the utility of a given technological solution to a complex problem utilizing a risk versus merit scoring methodology. By considering technical and programmatic risks of the technology in light of its tactical benefits as well as the relative importance of the challenge, decision makers receive better informed options. 



In rapidly evolving operational landscapes, the objective is often less about conclusively solving a problem than it is about persistent, sustained, strategic progress. RIOS is an iterative process that blends TTI’s planning and analysis capabilities with our risk management tools. It creates discrete, action-oriented options that can be combined in a variety of ways to achieve desired outcomes.


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TTI Strategic Planning and Analysis Successes

Opportunity analysis (OA)

Balancing Risk and OpportunityIn the face of the growing threat of Pharmaceutical Based Agents (PBA), U.S. government stakeholders and their foreign counterparts lacked consensus about how to mitigate the PBA threat without causing detriment to the benefits of synthetic medicine.

TTI deployed OA to support an inter-agency initiative that analyzed planning efforts across defense, law enforcement, and academic institutions to drive a common problem-framing for the development of collaborative and integrated solutions.

The results were briefed to interagency stakeholders, inspiring and informing initiatives across the government and with related partners.

option design aid (ODA)

A research facility needed to evaluate competing technologies against a high consequence problem, while also taking into consideration the need to weigh technical and programmatic risks with tactical utility and mission criticality merits.

TTI developed a guide for end users that quantitatively compared risks with merits and that enabled them to make an informed decision on whether to invest in a much larger program.



A combatant command sought a new decision-making framework that aligned with the 2022 National Defense Strategy and that could generate actionable, risk-informed options for military planners and national security officials. The challenge presented us an opportunity to hybridize two exciting frameworks to both improve the outcome and save time.

RIOS represents the merge and expansion of the methodologies used in Opportunity Analysis (OA) and Risk Prioritization and Mitigation (RPM).


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