Risk Management

identifying risks AND opportunities

Yielding Measurable
Risk Buydown by Closing Gaps

Our Strategic Design Approaches (SDA) are comprised of iterative, systematic, and repeatable processes that are ideally suited to expand our client’s risk mitigation options.

While knowledge and experience matter, we believe that successfully identifying new risks and opportunities often requires breaking out of the cycle of turning to the past to understand the future. We are not constricted by conventional thinking; we forge new paths where others see impossibility.

Strategic Design Approaches (SDA) for
Risk Management


TTI’s RPM process provides decision makers a common framework to improve unity of effort across their organization, while providing material and non-material solutions in accordance with critical function and asset prioritization lists.

Risk-to-mission-focused, RPM characterizes, scores, and prioritizes finite elements of risk and then develops specific mitigation strategies for prioritized risk buydown. 

In addition, the metrics generated by this framework can demonstrate progress (or lack of progress) in risk buydown over time. 


Informed by RPM outcomes, GAP analysis provides a data driven means to compare the span of an organizations current efforts with the prioritized risk mitigation objectives from RPM. GAP metrics enable informed decisions to invest, divest, or streamline.

Among the actionable metrics from GAP is relative impact scoring of each of an organizations mission related efforts to their ability to buy down risk, illuminating attention warranted vs. attention given. The metric informs organizational strategy and priorities.

Continuity of OPerations (COOP)

COOP is an example of proactive risk mitigation, ideally designed around prioritized risk to optimize resilience.

Drawing on our cross-government experience and agile analytical processes, we provide full spectrum support to reduce program risk, maintain effective operations, and improve overall COOP capabilities.

Our COOP analysts are highly skilled in a variety of surveillance and communication platforms, emergency management procedures, Watch Operations, and briefing requirements. 

Your Partner in Mission Success

TTI Risk Management Successes


Risk Balanced Resource Allocation: A program office needed a decision aid to determine where to invest, sustain, streamline, or divest its efforts in a specific homeland security space.

Starting with RPM to characterize and quantify risk across 50 key functions, we used GAP to assess the relevance, impact and priority of 90 efforts. The scored outcome was provided in several actionable metrics, including relative scores for ‘Attention Given’ versus ‘Attention Warranted’ for each of their 90 efforts.

Armed with this knowledge, the program office reframed its programming plan to rebalance it towards underserviced risk, streamline overlaps, right-size investments, and eliminate unwarranted effort. More that 30 efforts were combined or altogether eliminated.


Based on TTI’s work, a Department of Defense combat support agency benefited from optimizing organizational strategies and programs to rigorously defined and measured risk and mitigation opportunities.

Now repeated annually, our methodologies allows the agency to address the realities of an evolving, complex operational environment with appropriate alignment to risk, thus illuminating opportunities to outpace threats posed by adversaries. Through our risk management methods, underserviced risks were characterized, prioritized, and paired with actionable mitigation objectives, each measured for impact.

These metrics allow very focused elimination or mitigation of risk and a way to measure progress over time. Our findings fundamentally re-oriented the agency‘s strategy and programs impactfully support National Security, National Defense, and National Military Strategies.


During COVID 19, we worked with a major government agency to proactively communicate and plan a response with key leadership.

Our swift action resulted in quickly informing staff of threats, solutions, and courses of action that ensured their safety and minimal disruption to the COOP mission.

We will work with individual departments and agencies to ensure a coherent and coordinated effort when dealing with emergencies. This is accomplished through the development of plans, comprehensive procedures, and provisions for alternate facilities, personnel, resources, interoperable communications, and vital records/databases.

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