No matter how complex your challenge, our time-tested and proven approaches can help you prevail.


Nimble and biased toward action, Tier Tech challenges conventional thinking while providing thought leadership, design, and direct strategic planning support to clients who shoulder the nation’s most compelling challenges – from bombing prevention, to strategic continuity of operations, to countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, to prevailing in Great Power Competition. With decades of experience in tackling seemingly unsolvable problems, TTI’s unconstrained strategic design approaches focus on one outcome – enabling our clients to succeed in high-stakes, complex environments.

Our Vision

Small.      Agile.      Serious.     Undaunted.      Sought after.

TTI seeks to transform the way governments, corporations, and other leading organizations approach complex or intractable problems.

Using our distinctive experience, insights, tools, processes, and training, we believe any solution-minded and action-oriented organization can prevail in complex environments and against dynamic challenges to achieve their strategic objectives.

Our Core Values

Unconventional thinking.      Follow through.      Fidelity to objectives.      Truth telling.

Our core values reflect our vision of making a difference – a big difference. We know through hard-earned experience that a small group of focused, dedicated individuals can find solutions to–and opportunities within–the complex problems where most fail or don’t even know where to start.  We want our work to be enduring, so we build teams that include our clients and relevant stakeholders, teaching them our processes – thereby ensuring sustainable results long after we are gone. We aim to deliver unprecedented value and to become an indispensable partner to our clients. We are fair, open minded, ethical, and dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We deliver well-considered, objectively derived truth that brings positive change.   

Our Culture

For every set of challenges, we believe a solution exists.  Founded in November 2003 by U.S. Navy Special Operations and Bomb Technicians, TTI has earned a reputation as a world-class provider of innovative and enduring solutions for the highest-priority threats, many of which cross international and domestic jurisdictions, organizations, and inter-departmental missions.  

  • Bias toward action. We embrace the opportunities within complexity. We mitigate risk. We deliver actionable approaches to tough problems. It’s not just what we do. It defines us.  
  • Empathy. Your emergency is our emergency. This fuels our “why.” We understand the feelings of frustration and failure that can accompany difficult problem sets. We are committed to helping our clients achieve confidence and prevail in the most challenging environments.   
  • Challenging conventional thinking. While knowledge and experience matter, we believe that successfully identifying new risks and opportunities often requires breaking out of the cycle of turning to the past to understand the future. We are not constricted by conventional thinking; we forge new paths where others see impossibility.  
  • Team building. We don’t just build solutions, we build teams. We involve our clients at every step, assembling and training effective teams in using the tools and processes that will help them capitalize on opportunities while managing risks.   
  • Good enough – isn’t. For us, being good just isn’t enough. We have no patience for mediocrity. We aim to be the best at all we do—helping clients realize their strategic aspirations and making an impactful difference in the world. 
  • Think like a bomb tech. Founded by veteran special operators and bomb techs, TTI was built around a unique problem-solving culture, where:
    • Success requires agile, problem-tailored solutions.  
    • True solutions enable decisive action.
    • Risk is a constant and must be accounted for in solutions. 
    • Time is the most precious commodity.
    • Failure is not an option. 

Our Leadership Team

Walt Houston

Chief Executive Officer

Our founder and CEO, Walt was a career Navy Master Bomb Technician and deep sea diver supporting US Special Operations globally. He also provided operational support to the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team and related countering weapons of mass destruction missions throughout the US government as well as her Allies. In founding Tier Tech International, Inc. (TTI), Walt’s vision to bring agile thinking and a ‘no-fail’ attitude to private- and public-sector clients with daunting challenges has been realized through persistence, hard work, and focusing on the core capabilities where TTI excels. When not running TTI, Walt can be found traveling the world with his family or undertaking offshore activities in the open ocean off the magnificent Gold Coast of south Florida.

Mike Scott

Executive Vice President

Our Executive Vice President, Mike brings the seasoned perspective of a Navy Bomb Technician whose career spanned more than 30 years and a diverse spectrum of must-succeed missions including Combatting WMD, underwater Mine Countermeasures, Advanced Weapons Research and Development, Special Operations and Humanitarian Assistance. He is a recognized thought leader and renowned problem solver and is the architect of most of our SDA tools. Mike is an ultramarathon cyclist and backcountry skier, as both give him plenty of time to think.

John McKinney

Vice President of Operations

Our Vice President of Operations, John served with the First Marine Division prior to working with the US Navy’s Biodefense Research Directorate where he worked on novel research and development efforts against biological agents. He continued work on cutting-edge research and development projects in support of frontline responders and warfighters through support to the Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office, Technical Support Working Group’s CBRN and Physical Security and Blast Mitigation Subgroups. John is a thought leader on novel use of dual technologies to meet critical needs.  John is a girls lacrosse coach, STEM mentor, and enjoys camping with friends and family.