Strategic Designs

Opportunity Analysis

Solutions and Opportunities exist in complexity. Opportunity Analysis (OA) will help you find them.

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The Opportunity Analysis tool tames complexity and provides actionable steps to favorably alter the strategic environment.

Why you need Opportunity Analysis

Biased towards action, Opportunity Analysis (OA) is the most robust and versatile tool of our Strategic Design Approaches. Conceived and refined during our time as special operations bomb techs, OA  has evolved during the ensuing decades into a rigorous, highly-effective tool to address much broader problems and challenges.

Designed to work alone, but ideally in conjunction with our other tools, OA produces innovative, action-oriented, and strategically grounded approaches for prevailing in complex, uncompromising environments where failure is not an option and time is a limited commodity.

An expertly crafted Opportunity Analysis identifies the limitless variables in a complex environment that are obscuring opportunities and risks, and then sequences responsive lines of effort for decision and execution.

Each Opportunity Analysis is expertly designed and tailored to our client’s specific challenge. Conducted by, with, and through stakeholders, it allows an organization to:  

  • Proactively find, create, and sequence opportunities to change the strategic environment on any challenge 
  • Expert stakeholder sourced workable and decision-ready options from established industry leaders and subject matter experts  
  • Conduct unconstrained analysis of current and “realm of possible” options, to arrive at a spectrum of choices
  • Inform strategy, develop executable courses of action, build stakeholder partnerships through shared objectives, and identify gaps that can be closed
  • Create incentives, change a rival’s decision calculus, exploit vulnerabilities, bolster allies’ support, create and enforce norms, and shape information in their favor