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TTI Strategic Design is a rigorous and unique Tier Tech capability that provides organizations operating in complex environments with the ability to:

  1. Prioritize Risk

  2. Find and Shape Opportunities for Success

  3. Design and Implement an Action Campaign

  4. Quantitatively Assess and Adjust

Who can benefit from TTI Strategic Design?

  • National and homeland security professionals in the public and private sectors
  • Law enforcement organizations
  • Policy, strategy, and operational planners
  • Private sector companies, including software, technology, energy, and critical infrastructure firms
  • C-suite innovators, market disrupters, forecasters, and strategic planners
  • Non-governmental organizations seeking to alter the trajectory of humanitarian crises
  • Any organization navigating complex challenges or charting an aspirational future

TTI Strategic Design Successes

National Security

Great Power Competition: Identified opportunities, risks, and approaches for the Department of Defense and dozens of interagency stakeholders 

Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction: Designed approaches for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, several combatant commands and interagency partners including key national laboratories 

Threat Characterization and Risk Prioritization: Aligned investments with identified risks for a Department of Defense Agency and other Department of Defense stakeholders 

Disruptive Technology: Prepared a US Embassy and multiple interagency stakeholders for the emergence of a threatening technology, designed and executed in conjunction with the Naval Postgraduate School and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 

Pharmaceutical-Based Agents: Work on preparing for and countering an emerging threat currently in progress for multiple US Government stakeholders  

Continuity of Operations (COOP): Design work for a major US Government agency 

Infrastructure: Protection and vulnerability analysis, and a resilience evaluation done for critical infrastructure client  

Scenario Planning: Tailored plans for several Department of Defense combatant commands, Department of Homeland Security and major cities throughout the US 

Alternative Futures: Exploration against a discreet threat resulted in a comprehensive playbook for a Combatant Command  

Private Industry

Product Improvement: Consultation and application of Design Thinking principles to evaluate and make major improvements to a product destined for government target audiences 

Commercial Software: Consultation and application of Operational Design principles to customize a commercial software product to be more attractive and applicable to specific prospective customers 

Law Enforcement

Public Safety: Design thinking training to enable novel approaches to resolve policing issues for a major city police force

Police Reform: Evaluation of policing policy and tactics using Operational Design approaches for a major city police force

Improvised Explosive Devices: Design and direct support for developing policy, strategy, multi-jurisdictional operations and assessment for the Department of Homeland Security and major cities throughout the US