Our Option Decision Aid Tool

Option Decision Aid (ODA) is an efficient, quantitative tool to inform rapid decision making

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Why you need Option Decision Aid

Organizations operating in complex environments regularly face decisions that have deep repercussions for their strategic objectives or bottom line. Tier Tech’s Option Decision Aid (ODA) tool provides a rapid and efficient quantitative framework to assess alternatives and inform effective decision making.

In our ODA process, merit is the driving consideration to aid you in making informed investment and resource-allocation decisions. While it is most effectively dovetailed to the output of a completed Opportunity Analysis where discrete requirements are defined and coupled to a user-driven need, it can also be effective as a stand-alone tool.

Option Decision Aid is for organizations that:

  • Want to evolve at the pace of technology within acceptable risks
  • Need to evaluate alternative approaches, solutions, policies or other competing efforts to make informed, quantitative investment decisions using fully customizable decision-making factors
  • Are resource-constrained and need to make investment decisions based on the best value within a set risk parameters

Option Decision Aid provides our clients with:

  • Defined risk and merit thresholds to determine both the maximum acceptable risk and minimum acceptable merit.
  • Precise assessments of their needs through customized and weighted individual evaluation elements. 
  • A simple, top-level, quantitative decision guide to aid the final decision making. 
  • Alternatives analyzed for specific risk characteristics through quantitative metrics, so that mitigation strategies can be developed.  
  • Adjustable thresholds that allow the process to be “tuned” to your specific risk and merit tolerances.  

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