Our Gap Analysis and Prioritization Tool

Gap Analysis and Prioritization (GAP) is a powerful tool for assessing capabilities, identifying gaps, and directing resources.

identifying gaps that hinder excellence

Why you need the Gap Analysis and Prioritization tool

While organizations can often grasp their strengths and weaknesses, a seasoned outside perspective can bring important insights to even the savviest leadership team. TTI’s Gap Analysis and Prioritization (GAP) tool digs into our clients’ operations and operational environment.

The GAP tool quantitatively assesses core competencies while also identifying vulnerabilities and gaps in capability that leave an organization open to threats. It then guides strategic planning and resource deployment for bridging those gaps in the short, medium, and long term.


The GAP tool:

  • Diagnoses and validates capability by identifying gaps
  • Measures past, current, and forecasted capabilities
  • Assesses the “buy down” of risk over time and investment
  • Provides quantitative recommendations of priorities based on “Gap Impact Scores” across the portfolio or the complex environment within which an organization operates
  • Guides investment and resource deployment decisions based on quantitatively derived priorities
  • Reassesses and adapts over time to changes in threats, capabilities, and trends, maintaining flexibility and effectiveness

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GAP is a rigorous tool that identifies gaps in capabilities and vulnerabilities to risk, while helping steer investments toward closing those gaps.

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