Tier Tech International, Inc. Key Events

Tier Tech International, Inc., continues to support the US Department of Homeland Security CISA’s Office for Bombing Prevention training evolutions through three courses/pilot demonstrations across a wide range of topics for effective bombing prevention efforts.


The first pilot was held on August 9, 2022, AWR 348 Bombing Prevention Awareness Course (BPAC). The purpose of BPAC provides general bombing prevention knowledge, including: an overview of the function and use of improvised explosive devices; homemade explosives and precursors; explosive effects and mitigation; terrorist attack cycles; and response to suspicious behaviors and items.


The second pilot was held on August 30, 2022, AWR 945 Bomb Threat Assessment for Decision Makers Course. This course introduces the participant to types of threats, the threat assessment process, and the implementation of a bomb threat management (BTM) plan. Participants then apply specific portions of the risk management process and their newly acquired knowledge about BTM procedures to develop a localized bomb threat risk assessment.


The third pilot, held on August 31, 2022, focused on AWR 917 Identifying Commercial Explosive Products. This course equips the the participants with the fundamental knowledge for visually identifying commercial-grade explosives and explosive products to improve bomb-making materials awareness and prevent their misuse. This course covers the different classes of explosive products by function and type and highlights visual indicators to assist in identifying the manufacture and point of origin.